Create and Share a Folder in Google Drive

Google drive is a great tool for sharing files. See instructions below for

  • Accessing your Google Drive
  • Creating a folder
  • Uploading some files to the folder
  • Sharing the folder

1. Sign into your Google Account ( and click “Drive”



2. When you get to the Google Drive page you will see a red “Create” button on the left. Click this and choose “Folder”.

Google Drive Instructions Step 2


 3. In the pop up box give the folder a name and click “Create”

Google Drive Instructions Step 3


 4. You will now see your new folder. (In my example I have called it “An example folder name”) Click on the folder and it will open up.  It’s empty at this stage so you wont see anything.

Google Drive Instructions Step 4


 5. The area on the right is empty which indicates that the folder is empty. OK, lets upload a file/s. Click the up arrow and then choose “Files”. This will bring up your computers browse file box and you can choose one, or many files to upload at the same time.

Google Drive Instructions Step 5


6. After uploading, you will see the files in the folder.

Google Drive Instructions Step 6


 7. Once you have all files uploaded, click “My Drive”. You will see your folder on the right side. (“example folder name”) It should be at the top as by default, latest will be first.

Google Drive Instructions Step 7

 8. Right click on your folder (“example folder name”), and click “Share”, then “Share” on the right.

Google Drive Instructions Step 8

 9. As instructed in the image above, type the email address in the “Invite people” box. Then click “Done”.

Google Drive Instructions Step 9

You will only have to share the folder once. After it has been shared, any new images you upload to the folder will become immediately available to the person you shared with.

Hopefully the above will be of help to those of you using Google Drive for the first time.