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Getting a web site up and running may seem like a daunting task. Where do you start?

Over the last decade, Bay Web has built a solid reputation for creating great web sites. Each web site is carefully designed to meet the needs of each business. In addition, our web sites come with very reliable ongoing support.

Like to find out more? Call now for a free phone consultation. Alternatively, book a time for a face to face chat over a cup of coffee. We'd love to hear from you!

021 07 54300

E. phil@baywebdesign.co.nz


Starting from $790 + GST

One page sites provide a classy presence that outline key details of your business and it's services. Coupled with a great design using graphics appropriate for the nature of your business, this kind of site acts as sophisticated online brochure.

The one page site presents well on both phones and other smaller devices. 




Starting from $1550 + GST

Included with this site is a sophisticated home page that clearly outlines your business's main services, engages your potential client and puts them in touch with the main areas of your web site.

This kind of site comes with an image gallery, contact page, about page, services page and three other pages if required.



Starting from $2500 + GST

Using WooCommerce, we can integrate a wide range of functionality for your online store. This includes access to most shipping  methods and online payment systems. Online stores are a critical web site service. Because of this, we ensure your site is well backed up to several locations and that all key functionality of the site is updated to latest versions when required.



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Our web sites are built using WordPress, the worlds most widely used web site platform.




Looking to sell your products online? Talk to us about creating an Ecommerce web site.



Organic SEO

 Find out how organic SEO can increase your visibility in Google searches


The Process of Building a New Web Site for You

  • We'll meet with you and go over your requirements in detail.
  • Your website will be built and then presented to you at a demo address for feedback.
  • We then tweak the web site to ensure it meets both your intended needs and the needs of your website visitors .
  • For all of our new websites, we provide you with 2 hours of lessons which we conduct via Skype or telephone.
  • We dont stop at the free lessons - Once your website is online we will continue to provide excellent support. Email, Skype or phone any time for answers to your questions re running your website.

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Web Site Content Writing – Writing on Your Behalf

Web site text that works

Most people can write, some can write well, but few can produce the clean crisp copy a website requires to make it work as it should. Our professional wordsmiths understand exactly how to tweak text to best reflect your business… and present it in ways that capture clients as they browse. Here’s a brief insight into producing good web-based text:

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27 Things to Check Before Launching a Website

Launching a web site and making sure all the "boxes are ticked" before going live involves a lot of careful work. Every good web designer will have a checklist of items that need doing before going live. If it's a new site, then the web designer will be advising their client on a number of aspects that need looking at. e.g. great copy, ensuring branding carries through to the site, basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that has keywords in place where Google likes to see them.

If it's an existing site being moved to a new platform e.g. WordPress, then there will also be work involved in maintaining existing search engine positioning. That aspect and many others. Read more below

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Googles reCaptcha Form SPAM prevention

Over the years there have been numerous methods invented to keep spam bots away from contact & other forms. A common method that you'll often see is the requirement to fill in a code before sending the form. This worked fine in most cases, however filling in the code was always one extra step in the form sending process.

The new method allows a user to simply click a confirmation box. Very easy and speeds up the process of sending a form. If you are a web site owner, your potential clients will appreciate the extra ease offered by the new method.



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