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Ecommerce - Selling your products or services online

Unsure about where to start? It’s simpler than it seems.

Ecommerce enables a business to sell without the need to have an actual shop. There are some businesses that sell both online and have a shop outside the internet as well. However more and more businesses are being created to specifically work only online.

What is an Ecommerce shopping cart?

From the web site owner’s side, a shopping cart provides an sophisticated collection of tools to sell and market products to the online buyer. These tools enable the business owner to

  • easily add new products and associated images
  • enter stock levels and enable automatic low stock warnings
  • create discount coupons
  • have a buyer sign up to a mailing list for future notifications
  • track sales and mark them as processed when complete
  • have an ordering system that connects directly to NZ Post online to automatically calculate shipping costs
  • create shipping structures that handle a variety of product scenarios
  • take CC payments automatically without the need for a merchant account

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The benefits of selling online

Buying habits have changed in the last decade. People can and do trust buying online. It’s also quick and fast allowing a buyer to “window shop”  at a number of online locations without having to leave home. There is no doubt that online shopping fits neatly into the new retail structure. Easeful buying from any location is the new normal.

The decrease in land based premises

One result of the increase in online shops is the decrease in land based shops. In NZ and world-wide we are all familiar with seeing increasing amounts of vacant shops in our city centres. Many businesses have closed due to online sales eroding their customer base. Some have adapted by selling both on and offline. Many have transitioned from the combined approach and have moved to selling online only.

Reduced overheads

An online shop does not have to pay a lease for premises and it’s associated overheads. This makes start-up and ongoing costs much more affordable compared to operating from a leased business location. While the initial price of an Ecommerce web site may seem steep for some, compared to operating a traditional shop, the costs are minimal.

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