Building Your New Web Site

Details of the process of building your web site

Building your web site - key steps that we undertake

We'll meet with you and go over your requirements in detail.

Your website will be built and then presented to you at a demo address for feedback.

Using the demo address as a point of reference, we then proceed to tweak the site to a final version for going live.

Going Live! We now proceed to have the site go live. At this stage, a final check is undertaken to make sure all is in order.

After the site goes live, we ensure that you are well supported with lessons to add and edit your content when required.

What are some of the key features of my new web site?

A pass worded admin area for updating your website content.

Creating a unique "look" for your website. This includes the creation of custom header graphics that work in with pre-existing branding or art work.

Foundation Search Engine Optimisation - The placement of keywords in the places that Google expects to see them in.

The ability to create unlimited web pages.

Built-in smartphone and mobile device responsiveness (ensures that your website will display clearly in these devices).