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Automating WordPress Plugin Updates

wordpress-pluginsI recently had a request from a client who was interested in updating their WordPress Plugins themselves. At the time, the possibility of auto-updating was raised.  I did a search and found – which can be configured to automate the updates of other plugins.

The only potential gotcha here is if a plugin update “breaks” the site. i.e causes a conflict with WordPress or other plugins and therefore has the site  working incorrectly in some way. If you did not get back to check the site, you would not know there was an issue until you next checked the site yourself, or if someone contacted you to let you know. Continue Reading →

Organising Gmail – How to set up a labels & Filters

I often see clients floundering as they search for old emails in their Gmail. Below are some instructions to help better organise your emails.

Setting up a label and a filter

Here are some instructions for setting up a label and filter in Gmail. In this example, I am only showing a simple filter example. i.e How to filter emails sent from a single email address. Gmail filters can of-course be more complex than that. After you have created this first simple filter, you would be well placed to examine the other filter options available to you.


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The search engine affects of Google’s new policy for websites not optimised for Mobile Phones

From Tues 21, April , 2015 Google will be penalising web sites that are not mobile phone optimised. What this means is that if your competitors’ websites are mobile optimised, and your website is not, its likely that their websites will be favoured in mobile search results ahead of your own website.

Read here at Search Engine Land.  Their term “Mobilegeddon” sounds quite dramatic, however it does underline the significance of this move by Google.

If you would like to discuss what this might mean for your existing website, feel free to call us on Ph 0800 001 522

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Google Local for Business Owners

Google+ Local Business profiles have become increasingly important to businesses who want to be found in search results locally. Basically its a Google + profile geared to show up in local results. e.g.  If you were looking for accommodation in Hastings, and type in Hastings accommodation, you would potentially see up to 8 local listings that relate to local accommodation.

Why is this important to you as a business owner?

Finding yourself in local results with the rest of the businesess that are like yours – the importance of this speaks for itself. If you have not created a profile yourself, check first to see if you may already have one. (Google will sometimes create one out of details it has found on the internet) Heres what the listings look like below. Continue Reading →

A New Ecommerce Website for Flow Massage Wax

Massage Wax / Balm

We’ve just completed a new website for Flow Massage Wax. As online business was increasing for our client, she decided it was time to re-brand and offer both herself and her clients an improved shopping cart experience.

The original Massage Wax website

For some years, the client’s needs had been met with a simple drop down list and some manually included Paypal buttons. This was adequate, but manually intensive to change things. Shipping was handled by price inclusiveness. This was also adequate, but limiting as far as selling products of varying shapes and sizes. Continue Reading →

Using Gmail For Your Domain Name Based Emails

More and more we see people moving to “the cloud” for their business needs. If you’re still not sure what “the cloud” refers to, basically it means that your files are stored and/or worked on “up on the internet”. e.g DropBox, Google Drive and Gmail are all examples of cloud based services. These services allow you to store your files/emails on their servers as an alternative to, or a mirror of the files on your computer. Continue Reading →

Why has my New Website Dropped from Google Results?

Properly handling a shift from an old website to a new website

In a case where a new web site is replacing an old web site with a new one, there is often the situation where the URLs (web page addresses) in the new site will be structured quite differently from the old site.

e.g. web site page addresses from the old site might look something like this :

However in the new web site the page address might be structured something like this :
2/  http://www.

If this situation is not handled properly, you the website owner might suffer some losses due to a decrease in traffic to your website. Continue Reading →

Web Site Content Writing – Writing on Your Behalf

9393962_sWeb site text that works

Most people can write, some can write well, but few can produce the clean crisp copy a website requires to make it work as it should. Our professional wordsmiths understand exactly how to tweak text to best reflect your business… and present it in ways that capture clients as they browse. Here’s a brief insight into producing good web-based text:

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