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Maximising the potential of your Google My Business listing

Its a given that things are always changing with how your business presents in the online environment. One of the most important areas to look at is how Google changes and what you as a business owner need to do to keep up with those changes.

Google My Business is an increasingly important aspect of your online presence. Follow the link below for some useful information for maximising your visibility in this area of Google.

Source: Where to go next with your Google My Business listing

WordPress Membership Web Sites

Membership web site Software

A membership web site might be required for a number of reasons. Your web site may be

  • A club or organisation that only wants to share info with it’s members
  • You may be a commercial organisation that wants to sell content. i.e give paid access to certain areas of a website

There are a number of membership plugins out there that enable WordPress to be turned into a full membership web site. At Bay Web Design the main membership product we use is S2Member. The reason why we use this product is that

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WordPress Maintenance

WordPress maintenance is an often overlooked requirement after a web site goes live. After a new WordPress website goes live, there are a number of key maintenance tasks that need to be attended to on a regular basis. If you, the web site owner, haven’t got a plan in place to handle this, you may find yourself dealing with some unnecessary web site down time.

To understand why maintenance is necessary,  a brief outline of the nuts and bolts of WordPress is necessary.

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Microsoft moves 20,000 blogs to WordPress

Bayweb: Check out the article below. A big tick for using WordPress. Note that WordPress is not just for blogs. It’s now the most used CMS for web site building as well.

Are your law firm’s blogs running on a proprietary CMS (Content Management System), or for that matter matter, any CMS other than WordPress? If so, you may want to think again. Marie Dodson (@Mdodson12) reports for Torque that Microsoft just migrated 20,000 blogs with more than 1 million posts and 1.2 million comments off its own … Continue Reading

Source: Microsoft moves 20,000 blogs from proprietary CMS to WordPress – Real Lawyers Have Blogs

Building a New Website

Building your web site – an explanation of the process

Presented in approximate chronological order

  • We’ll meet with you and go over your requirements in detail.
  • Your website will be built and then presented to you at a demo address for feedback.
  • We then tweak the web site to ensure it meets both your intended needs and the needs of your website visitors.
  • For all of our new websites, we provide guidance and tuition on how to add content and update your web site.
  • We dont stop at the free lessons – Once your website is online we will continue to provide excellent support. Email, Skype or phone any time for answers to your questions re running your website.

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Web Site Photography


Visually enhance your new or existing website with professionally captured photographs specific to your requirements.

Professional photography is an absolute must in today’s competitive business world. Your website photography and design is as equally important as your search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising – it is essential you have high quality visual branding, presented within a stylish and effective website.

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Google Review Link Generator: How to Create a Link to Write a Review on Google

It’s never been easy to link directly to a location where your customers can leave a business review. You think you are correctly linked and then Google changes the parameters of the link and it no longer works. In a nutshell, the link generator below allows you to search for your business and then create a link you can send to your clients. They can then go directly to a location where they can leave a review.

The Google Review Link Generator by Grade.us Labs lets you build review links for Google Maps, Google Places, and Google Maps apps for Android and iOS.

Source: Google Review Link Generator: How to Create a Link to Write a Review on Google | Grade.us

Automating WordPress Plugin Updates

wordpress-pluginsI recently had a request from a client who was interested in updating their WordPress Plugins themselves. At the time, the possibility of auto-updating was raised.  I did a search and found – https://wordpress.org/plugins/stops-core-theme-and-plugin-updates/ which can be configured to automate the updates of other plugins.

The only potential gotcha here is if a plugin update “breaks” the site. i.e causes a conflict with WordPress or other plugins and therefore has the site  working incorrectly in some way. If you did not get back to check the site, you would not know there was an issue until you next checked the site yourself, or if someone contacted you to let you know. Continue Reading →

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